8 May 2017

Greenhouse Updates!

Poor innocent broken greenhouse
The greenhouse went through some changes this past spring - the first cover fell completely off due to my neglect and in the renovations there were some snazzy improvements like the hinges attached to a more lightweight door and hinges on a more lightweight window and soon there will be a solar panel powered fan!  Very exciting!  Pictures are below.

Loki, the farm mascot and mouse hunter, stretching after a long day of work
Naked greenhouse

4 May 2017

Flooding at Farm Round 1 - Late April

The flooding on the farm is only in the valley, where crops are currently not affected, but it is pretty amazing!  The rain stopped for a couple days, and the valley went back to normal... however it has been raining all day today, and will be tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that...

I will not complain about the rain, although it would be nice if the weather was nicely balanced with a couple hours of sun! 

Winter to Spring at Rhizome Farms

Jan 15

Feb 15


eggplant seedlings waiting to be put into bigger pots

kale seedlings

Pepper seedlings waiting to be potted up

April 15


Pepper seedlings

Garlic growing

Seedling transfer from apartment to farm

Seedling transfer from apartment to farm

Cozy in the greenhouse