10 Apr 2017

Seedlings for sale

To order seedlings, email RhizomeFarms@gmail.com or call 905-329-3256.
Availability is limited for some varieties.
For kales, cucumbers, winter and summer squash, please contact.

Seedling Listing 2017
All seedlings are $4.00.
Green Zebra

Green with yellow stripes when fully ripe.  Medium sized tomato.  Very beautiful and unique.
Roma VF – Heirloom

Oval shaped red tomato for making sauce and paste.  Resistant to some wilts. 
Aunt Ruby’s German Green – Heirloom
Large beefsteak tomatoes that are green when ripe.  These fruity tomatoes can grow up to 1 pound.
Brandywine Red - Heirloom
Large, flat round fruits that can grow over a pound.  Potato leafed.
Yellow Cherry

Produces small, sweet yellow cherry tomatoes in abundance.
Super Italian Paste - Heirloom
Produces many 6” oval shaped, sweet fruits for use in sauces.
Cherokee Purple  - Heirloom
Large, purple and pink beefsteak tomato with good taste.
Super Gardener’s Delight
Red cherry tomato that is crack resistant.

Genovese Basil

One of the most popular basils, especially for use in pesto.
Lettuce Leaf Basil
Large crinkled leaves are highly aromatic but not as sweet as other basils.
Thai Basil
Used in Asian cooking, with a spicy and distinctive flavour and beautiful purple flowers and stalks.

A very spicy, hot, chili pepper.  Lime green peppers mature to red.
Hot Thai Dragon
Spicy, hot peppers.  Good for container gardening as plants are decorative and compact.
Chile de Arbol

Peppers are small and dark red with smoky flavour. 
Cayenne Long Slim
Slender bright red peppers that are very productive.
Hungarian Hot Wax
Long spicy peppers that are waxy and grow to 8”.  They are yellow and turn to bright red as they mature.
Sweet Paprika

They turn from green to red as the mature into 5” plants.  Smoky flavour, used for drying.

28 Oct 2016

October 2016 at Rhizomes!

Cracking garlic for planting

A beautiful morning

An orb-weaver

Kale bed

Kale and Arugula bed

Black Turnip

Black Turnip

Farm mascots

Spreading milkweed seeds

Wild Radish King

The ONLY hornwormed caterpillar I found in 2016

Harvesting green tomatoes before the first frost of October !

My baby!!!! :)

End of a perfect day

Last greenhouse harvest of 2016

Looking forward to 2017!

27 Sep 2016

September at Rhizome Farms

Welcome to the jungle

Just another perfect sunset

Lemon Boy variety of Tomato

Sun Sugar Tomato

Sweet and Hot Peppers from the greenhouse

Spot the spider

Spot the spider's room mate

I never thought I could grow such beautiful organic sweet bell peppers !

Peppers and tomatoes

Preparing for CSA shares